Courses Offered
Bachelor Of Commerce(3 Yrs Course)
B.Com Regular
B.Com Computers

Bachelor Of Science(3Yrs Course)
Maths , Physics, Computer Science
Maths, Statistics and computer Science
Maths , Electronics & Computer Science
Bachelor Of Arts(3Yrs Course)
B.A. Mass Communication
Languages Offered (For I and II Yrs only)
Rules And Regulations
Working Hours, Holidays,Etc:
The college works from 9:00 a.m to 3:00 p.m . This may be changed if any necessity arises.
The college will remain closed on every second Saturday of the month and on all the holidays declared by the University.
University Examinations
For any information concerning their studies and examinations, students should contact the Co-ordinator, Academic and Examination Cell(AEC) of the college.
Only those students who put in 75% of attendence in each subject will be allowed to appear for the University Examinations.
All students should have completed 90% of the prescribed work in practicals
A candidate shall be declared to have passed part I Examination if he secures:

36% in each of the two ppapers in English and

36% in each of the two papers in Second language
  In part II (Optimal Minimum pass mark in each subject shall be 36% and practicals 30% but aggregate should be 36%
First Division
60% and Above n the aggregate of all subjects
Second Division
Below 60% and Above 48% in the aggregate of all the subjects
Third Division
Below 48 % but above 36% in the aggregate of all the subjects
Rules for Withdrawals
A Student who leaves the college in the middle of the course should pay fees in total for the complete course
Transfer Certificates will be issued only if the student clears all the dues.
Duplicate T.C will be issued on production of certificates from police authories affidavit and a fee of Rs. 50/- . Triplicate T.C will not be issued.
A Student who leaves the college or Whose admission is cancelled should surrender his identity card , Library Cards, Fee Card and Bus Pass along with the “NO DUE” certificate.
A Student on the rolls will be given a Bonifide Certificate every Year and an identity cards renewed at the beginning of the academic Years.


SC/ST and converted Christian students , Backward class students , Physically Handicapped students, Economically poor student and Meritorious students, students from non-Hindi Speaking states for post-matric studies in Hindi can avail scholarships awarded by the Governement. Students can avail railway concession for travel to the place where their parents are working /staying.
Library and Reading room:
The spacious and well-equipped library is strictly for the use of students and members of this college only.The library and the reading room will be open on all working days , students can use Library card to borrow the books from the library
Physicial Education:
The college provides facilities for the following games: Chess, Caroms, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Table Tennis and Athletics which will be supervised by the physical Director.
Co-Curricular Activities:
There will be literacy programmes such as Essay Writing elocution Quiz and General Knowledge Competitions and the talented students will be allowed to participate in inter-collegiate and inter-Universitty competitions. The extra –Curricular activities such as singing, dancing, fashion , playing of instruments etc., are also the part of students stay in the college.
Student Representative Council:
The members of SRC will meet at regular intervals , headed by the principal, to discuss, review and implement various academic and non-academic issues for the betterment of the students.
National Cadet corps(N.C.C)
The college encourages students students to take-up N.C.C in any wing

NO student should indulge himself/herself in shouting, abusing, using foul language.
Any student damaging the college property shall be required to pay the cost of replacement/repair
Taking part in communal politics and activities of student organizations is prohibited.
Usage of Cell phones in the college premises is totally prohibited as per Govt. order
Every student should personally see the principal if he/she has any individual problem and should not be represented by any other student or group of students or outsiders
Principal has the power to inflict punishment including fine , Suspension, explusion or even rustication in the best interest of the college.

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